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ABC Alphabet Letters (250g/ 0.55lbs)


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Here at the All Occasion Sweet Shop, ABC Letters are one of our top sellers. ABC Letters are a great sweet treat for `kids` of all ages and they are as good for spelling out a name or a message on the top of a special occasion cake as they are for eating straight out of the bag; (we`ve actually seen them looking absolutely great attached to the front of birthday cards!).

ABC Letters come in an array of pastel colours including pink, white, orange and yellow. They are hard pressed sugar candy shapes designed in just about every letter of the alphabet and they can even use these to teach younger ones to spell with a ready-made sweet treat right there if they manage to get the spelling correct!

Manufacturers of this delightful product have declined, sadly, over the years and today there are just one or two left, but ABC Letters are still available if you know where to look and the ones we stock are still of the highest quality.

We feel sure you`ll love the lovely sweet candy taste brought to you by these wonderful pastel coloured ABC Letters and if, for some unthinkable reason, you don’t then that we`re prepared to offer a Money Back Guarantee. This means that f you`re not completely satisfied with the product when it arrives, then just send the goods back to us complete with the original packaging within 7 days and we`ll refund the purchase price in full. How`s that?

250g of weighed out pastel coloured ABC Letters. A sweet and delicious hard pressed candy confection packaged straight from the jar by ourselves and delivered directly to your door.